I used to say I hated writing and refused to write. Though if someone asked, I'd tell them a story.


Because I was told that I couldn't write, I couldn't spell, and my handwriting was akin to hieroglyphs.

A few friends encouraged me to write, but I still refused. One friend kept giving me notebooks for Christmas and Birthdays. After a while I felt obligated to write something on paper. That story went into the recycling bin.

I never put pen to paper until most of the story is planned out in my head. Hubby has me using the computer now. It saves having to translate my handwriting.

While other writers are afraid to forget things, I write from beginning to end allowing both stories and characters to morph as they please. Bits and pieces are inserted later on, as long as they fit.

I always have at least two or three stories running through my head. Sometimes more.

One of the first things everyone asks me is, 'Where do you get your ideas?' That's an easy question. Look around you. Ideas are everywhere.

If anyone wishes to contact me, my e-mail address is stacycbender@gmail.com