Man on the Stair
In the near future, a global identity system eliminates money, drives your car, and makes life easier for everyone. Everyone but Adam. Erased from the system, Adam can’t have a job, own anything, or buy food. His digital identity is gone. He doesn’t exist. He spends his days wandering the park, keeping the street gangs from shooting up the neighborhood. When a good friend is nearly killed while investigating an accident that should not have been possible, the evidence points to a serial killer who uses technology as a weapon. With the police running at their wits end, Adam decides to track the killer. But can he stop them in time, or will he get caught in the crossfire?
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Ursa Kane
On her way to a martial arts convention, Danielle Kane's plane crashes on an island in the Bermuda Triangle with cities trapped in time. She is furious to learn that on this island teetering on the brink of civil war, women are chattel. The sixteenth century Spaniards want to lock her in a tower. The fourteenth century pirates want to enslave. The Inca Indians would worship her as a god. The World War Two soldiers aren't sure what to make of her. None of them are ready for a modern woman.
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I Like Alice
"Okay, so I am your backup."
"No," she said. "You are bait."

Raul Timberland was Mr. National Average until he hit rock bottom. Now he has an impulsive space monkey as copilot, a man-eating lizard for a security officer, and his criminal girlfriend could crush every bone in his body. Trapped on a disabled space station, can this group of oddballs elude a band of robbers willing to kill anyone that gets in their way? Or will the outside of the nearest airlock be the last thing that they see?
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Boxers and Briefs - A Book of Shorts
Real Men Don’t Wax:  Cinderella’s clueless. Prince charming, he is not. But that’s not going to keep one devil of a cat from having his happy ending. Join Mephistopheles as he tries to convince two people that their stars are well and truly crossed.
Bast Fantasy:  An ancient race lives among us. They hide in the shadows. Some are benevolent, others not. For Edwin Cole, an ordinary college teacher, a chance encounter reveals both on the same night. Will a whole new life begin, or will it crush him beneath its claws?
First contact, bored technicians, demented seniors, and murderous pets. Here are a few short stories to make you laugh and wonder about the furry creature staring back at you.
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Dead Letter - An M Falcon Mystery
Martin Davies and Della Rose are more interested in having fun playing detective in their golden years than being detectives. Their team of enthusiastic blue-hairs is a treasure trove of unexpected skills and employ unconventional tactics. Behind the sweet wheelchair-bound grandmother facade, Estelle is a master hacker with the online handle MeatGrinder56. Wendy, a semi-retired actress, lives her dream of being a superspy while scrapbooking fingerprints to go with her surveillance photos. Homeless veteran Mac, the team's eyes on the street, is invisible to the public. When a letter arrives from a deceased client asking them to retrieve a cheap china doll, the game turns fatal as they find more dead bodies than answers. When the killer decides that Della and Martin are getting too close, the couple needs to find the murderer before their fun comes to a permanent end.
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